About Me

How did H.I.T Media Solutions begin?:

H.I.T Media Solutions is a small Coffs Harbour based business that was started in 2013 after I (Lewis Hackfath) discovered that web design and development was something that I really enjoyed. This when coupled with me enjoyment in all things technological, and my desire to push the limits of what I could do with my small at home server network I created my first Web and DNS server for the home environment and on a basic home internet connection was able to host websites with FTP access and more. Since then we have moved to a server hosted by go-daddy that provides a much more secure and stable environment for clients. Photography was also another passion of mine, ever since a young age I have enjoyed taking photos, be that of live subjects or other. I can always remember going on family holidays and taking thousands of photos in a short weekend away. Literally Thousands.  The Videography sector of the business comes from my love of movies and television and my dreams of one day becoming an actor, writer and director. The number of opportunities this area of my business has afforded me to work in a field that I have such a large passion for has been extremely enjoyable and I believe has helped me to develop a number of new skills. The Design and Printing side of the business was developed to increase the number of services available to our clients. The performance sector of my business comes from my love of musical and non musical theater, and for various styles of music in general.

H.I.T Media Solutions – Mission Statement:

H.I.T Media Solutions aim to provide fast, friendly, affordable and professional services in all areas of our business. We also aim to ensure that the end result is what you as the customer want and not what other pushy web developers say you want.