Get the most from your email!

Our core email solution consists of four key components designed to provide the most from your email platform without compromising performance.

Exchange Online

The heart of your email solution, responsible for the successful send and receive of your email.

Total Protection

This service provides heuristic email spam and content filtering to stop malicious emails getting to your inbox.

Signature Manager

Provides cloud management and distribution of email signatures and email marketing content.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Hosted Backup for you Microsoft 365 Email and Documents to give you peace of mind.

Why Microsoft 365?

  • Microsoft have extensive server architecture to ensure your system is highly redundant and minimise downtime.
  • Ensure your data is hosted on-shore in an Australian Data-Centre.
  • Combine Exchange online with Office 365 to get the latest Microsoft Office Applications.
  • Combine Cloud Hosted Email with SharePoint and OneDrive to create a cloud hosted workplace.
  • Centralise user management by combining Exhange with Azure Active Directoy.
  • Stay connected with Microsoft Team