Base Packages

All our website packages are built in WordPress and use responsive themes to ensure your website looks great no matter what device its being viewed on. Our base packages include WordPress installation and general plug-in/theme setup.



Perfect for those just starting out or an established business that doesn’t sell goods online.

  • Free SSL Certificate*
  • 5 Basic Page
  • 1 Contact Form**
  • 1 Google Map***
  • Access to our Support Portal
  • Access to our Basic Editing Guide


Designed for those new or existing online businesses wanting to sell physical products online.

  • Free SSL Certificate*
  • Online Store built using WooCommerce
  • 5 Basic Page
  • 5 Initial Products
  • 1 Contact Form**
  • 1 Google Map***
  • Access to our Support Portal
  • Access to our E-Store Editing Guide
  • Access to our Basic Editing Guide

Get in Touch

Tailored for those who want something that fits their unique demands and vision!

  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Page Designs
  • E-Commerce & Online Store
  • Multiple Contact Forms & Maps
  • Access to our Support Portal
  • Customised Editing Guides

* Web Hosting with H.I.T Media Solutions is required to provide this service,
** Requires Purchase of a Gravity Forms License – H.I.T Media Solutions will help facilitate the purchase of this service
*** Requires a Google Maps API Account – H.I.T Media Solutions will help facilitate the setup of this service

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Website Design – A must have for any business wanting to excel on the web. In a world where mobile devices dominate the internet usage market, it is essential for a business to own mobile responsive. A responsive website is a must have for any business! Without it not only do you lower your google search ranking, you could be forcing your customers to look elsewhere if they find it difficult to navigate your site on their mobile device.

Responsive Websites allows the look and feel of your website to habituate itself to the device it is being viewed on. The whole website actually changes shape and style to fit the screen. Images shrink to fit the device, content realigns itself to fit the device screen and the navigation shifts into a convenient list so that users never have to pinch, rotate or zoom to see your web pages content.

Management & Maintenance

Keep your site secure and up to date with our management and maintenance packages.



Keep your site & plugins up to date.

  • Managed WordPress Updates
  • Managed Plugin Updates
  • Post Update Review1



The Essentials + Content Adds/edits & changes.

  • Everything included in the Essential Plan
  • Up to 1 hour of Content changes per month2
  • Up to 30mins of Image Editing & Tweaking3



The Fundamentals + Weekly Social Posting

  • Everything included in the Fundamental Plan
  • Up to 5 Weekly Social Posts4
  • Up to 2 Weekly Story Posts5
  1. Post Update Review includes an examination of the core features of the website and pages to insure that there are no visible errors being presented to visitors.
  2. Content changes refer to changes to the content of the page including adding, removing or editing, this does NOT include changes to the structure or theme of the page.
  3. Image editing and tweaking includes items such as resizing and adapting images for web view
  4. Content for Weekly social posts must be provided prior to 5pm Thursday the week prior to publication.
  5. Content for Story Posts must be provided a minimum of 24 hours prior to publication.

Why do I need a Maintenance Package?

Keeping your website updated with the latest versions of plug-ins and WordPress updates helps to keep your site secure. Just like Windows on your computer vulnerabilities arise and bad actors can exploit these to gain access to your site and your customers. The Essential package makes sure that your site is running the latest versions of each plugin and WordPress is patched to the latest version to keep you and your customers safe.

Tweaking websites is a necessity from time to time, staff come and go, your business grows, change is inevitable. The Fundamental packages negates the internal burden of keeping your content up-to-date by taking care of those small edits and changes. Log a change request via email or our portal and then forget all about it! We’ll handle the change and let you know when its complete! Never be a victim of out-dated content again!

Social Media is an ever increasing part of businesses, maintaining your online profile and regular posting can help to spread awareness of your brand and drive traffic to your site. Our social media packages help to ensure that your social media profiles don’t stagnate and your content is presented in a clean concise and professional manner.

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